Zin-thali, Great Friend of Entilzha Firesong


Suramar Manasaber


Entilzha Firesong

Previous Owner

Duskwatch Outrider






Alive, Healthy

Zin-thali is Entilzha Firesong's manasaber and preferred ground mount in combat. He was gained in an early effort between Entilzha and Vortaria Ara'lith, ambushing a pair of Duskwatch outriders when the Suramar Campaign was still in initial information gathering phases.

Vortaria used her skill as a huntress to stir up the local owlcats, luring the outriders from their patrol route into a trapped area between a ridge and some trees. With the shield only lifted for a brief time and the Duskwatch not yet experienced on woodland campaign, exploiting this early before their skills inevitably sharpened was considered prudent.

Entilzha had eyed Zin-thali for a number of days as he observed patrols, watching as the guards scrapped with a group of Withered, Zin-thali fought with impressive cunning, utilizing his strength and agility alongside the might of the arcane within him.

The runed spellbook located on his side listed the commands for various abilities he'd been trained, including arcane novas, blink-running and invisibility spells.

Entilzha rides Zin-thali almost daily and he's the first mount that is not a hawkstrider or dragonhawk which Entilzha has grown fond of, the creature's arcane strength allowing the magi Entilzha a far greater ability to bond, develop trust, and communicate than Entilzha had experienced with mounts not saturated with arcane.

His runes were redesigned both to avoid his detection by their unique patterns, and also for attunement to ley patterns which strengthen invisibility magics, stealth capacity being an area of greater importance to Entilzha than to the overt Duskwatch.

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