Ysandre Firesong is the three year old daughter of Entilzha Firesong. Ysandre's mother, Valeria Morningray-Firesong lost her life while giving birth, along with that of Ysandre's twin, whom was positioned incorrectly which caused the death of Valeria and the child moments after Ysandre was born.

Without recollection of such, Ysandre is a spirited, energetic child, and shes bonded closely with her aunt Salandra Firesong, whom generally watches Ysandre when Entilzha is unable to.

Entilzha however places great emphasis on spending time with his daughter, and returned to Allerian virtually nightly before the Legion War. Quarters are being arranged in Shal'elah for Salandra and Ysandre, so they may live together in relative safety as matters unfold on the surface.

Ysandre shows indications of sharing her father's arcane talents, having learned to manipulate arcane glow orbs on her own. She's too young for control exercises yet, though Entilzha is to begin them as soon as his daughter is capable, assuring she's control over her arcane gift.

It's still unclear is Ysandre also shares Valeria's affinity for divine magics.

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