"You will never leave my grasp, you will give me all your secrets."

Inquisitor Vextros




Burning Legion


Deceased, Soul captured

Place of Operation



November 2016



Inquisitor Vextros is a Inquisitor in service of the Legion, tracked by Lady Sabariel Dawnbreaker, and fought with a team of the Highguard.

However, near the beginning of the fight, illusions of the Inquisitor were formed in an attempt to outnumber the Highguard forces. As reinforcements were called and arrived, the Inquisitors used their 'eyes' to use laser beams against the Highguard on the stairs.

Soon many, majority of the force, would fall as the Inqusitors began to use shadow magic to affect the peoples souls. This caused the forces of the Highguard to retreat through a portal, although many more fell in the process.

Vextros' victory would be cause for more carefulness of the field of battle, knowing that it will be a harder fight the next time for the Highguard.

The week after, Vextros would be fought again with a smaller party, yet had a briefing before the actual battle, his tactics were nullified and caused him to retreat. Upon getting to the battlements of Black Rook, the party would bring him down, with Lilianthias giving the final blow to rip his body into two and steal the soul. Although Lilian did not absorb the soul, he trapped it within a soul jar.

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