The Hellstriders
The insignia of the Hellstriders


Lady Sabariel Greenwood




The Hellstrider Enclave, Dun Morogh


Active; On offensive



The Hellstriders are a neutral private specialist group of like-minded brothers and sisters with the ultimate goal of eradicating the demonic to Azeroth. The Hellstriders are composed of the many races of Azeroth, both Alliance and Horde willing to hunt down the foul Demons of the universe are welcomed to the group. They are seen to be a Alliance-Neutral group, however they attempt to keep as neutral as possible.

Sub-Divisions on the Isle Edit

Due to the conflict on the Isles, the Hellstriders were deployed at a moment's notice. Two divisions exist to combat the threat on both the Shore and the Isle's themselves.

The First Defensive Edit

Commander: Auril Dawnbreaker

The First Defensive focuses on the battle throughout the Isles, being the First Defensive, means they were those that could not escape and were shipwrecked on the Isles as the Battle of the Broken Shore ended in defeat, rallied to the younger sister of Sabariel, Auril, they move throughout the Broken Isle's fighting the Legion where-ever it can be found.

The Second Defensive Edit

Commander: Andaress Brightleaf (NPC)

The Second Defensive focuses on maintaining their presence on the Broken Shore. Their landing was made possible by a <Information Classifed> only known to the Hellstrider Command. Holding in Point: Zero, they fight a desperate, near suicidal fight to hold their position against the Legion. After having two of the Captains die during the fight, the Second elected the Hellcloak captain, Andaress Brightleaf to take up the role of Commander.

The Ghosts Edit

Once group of twenty Hellcloaks (The Hellstrider scouts and spies) tasked with protecting the Waning Crescent in Suramar from raids and other attacks from the Duskwatch. Attacking from the rooftops, unseen they earn their name as ghosts, striking unseen retaliation at those who would attack those who cannot look after themselves.

Now they are a small strike team within the lower districts of Suramar, equipped with CQC gear as they attempt to drive out the remaining Legion from the lower parts of the city.

The HellguardEdit


Insignia of the Hellguard

The Hellguard works to keep the demonic presence out of the Highguard ranks, dealing with majority of the demonic related issues within.

It also serves as a means for the Illidari Demons Hunters to work for the Highguard, while being kept under strict guards as to not affect the High Elves with their Fel Energies.

The Hellguard is highly effective at what they do and operate out of Storm's Vigil.

Trivia Edit

Many people get confused with the Hellstriders and the Hellguard. The differences are as such.

  • The Hellguard keeps control of the Demon Hunters of the Highguard, and carries out demonic problems for the Highguard.
  • The Hellguard quietly works but can be called upon by any of the Highguard Divisions for assistance.
  • The Hellstriders work for Azeroth and are neutral and friendly to both the Horde and the Alliance.
  • The Hellstiders work throughout Azeroth in the background.
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