Tel'anor Burial Grounds
The Ancient Burial Ground, Tel'anor




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Ritual Site

Tel'anor is a pre-Sundering village & cemetery nestled in the mountains of central Suramar and featuring an intact, beautiful toned set of Elunic wind chimes previously only known by literature.

Unlike other villages outside the dome such as Meredil and Amberville, Tel'anor seems to have been maintained, and though denizens are not friendly, maintains a sense of awe and beauty, as well as a deep connection to the ancestors laid to rest there.

Whom has maintained the site for all these years is unknown, though possibilities include the Moon Guard, Suramar Exiles, and/or Kaldorei from Val'sharah, as the burial site very heavily honors Elune with its banners and chimes.

Post-War Healing Edit

While the presence of Withered and tormented spirits made the village less than safe, the Curators of Thalassian Culture have the site high on their list of postwar priorities given both its condition and place of rest for revered ancestors.

After the war, it is hoped that the anguished spirits may find rest with the aid of an Elune Priestess, and Withered present may be calmed using a branch of the Arcan'dor. Pests such as harpies will need to be driven off. The site is to be maintained as is, with only maintenance and restoration of interior spaces, no changes to the breathtaking beauty of the village itself.

It is hoped that Tel'anor will serve as a place of healing after the war, with many dead to be buried, and much a reminder of the common past of Quel'dorei, Kaldorei, Sin'dorei and Shal'dorei. From the number of homes present, the village was a home to the living as well as the dead once before, and it is hoped that elves of all sort may take up residence in peace, working in harmony to maintain the site and honor the sacrifices of the ancestors.

Current Uses Edit

Tel'anor is to be the site of the Wedding of Vortaria Ara'lith and Entilzha Firesong, with the service held on the balcony overlooking Suramar City. The Thera-dora will provide security, keeping the pavilion free of hostile guests, along with serving as an honor guard to the bride and groom.

With such an excellent view of Suramar City, the clifftops near the balcony are home to a concealed observation post, where trained owls descend into the city, keen-eyed rangers and arcane scryers take advantage of the view to monitor events within Suramar City.

Burials at Tel'anor are likely to resume very soon, prior to the end of the war, given the losses to be expected during the liberation of Suramar, with fallen elves properly lain to rest with their honored ancestors.