Lord Sacrathor


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Lord of the Burning Legion




Within the Black Soulstone


Dead, Soul trapped


The Burning Legion



Sacrathor had been tracking the line of Dawnbreakers for many years after he almost found his match to a Kaldorei ancestor of the current Highguard Huntmaster, Sabariel Dawnbreaker. The Kaldorei was simply known as The Ghost, who met his end to the uncanny techniques of Sacrathor.

Sacrathor's strange techniques differ from most dreadlords as he keeps a calm, almost relaxed vibe in an attempt to lower his opponents guard, his facade of already defeated allows his opponents to underestimate him as he would soon drive them into madness.

First Ever Encounter: Dawnbreaker's Scourge Edit

As the War of the Ancients came towards the end, Sacrothar began his technique of madness to infiltrate the kaldorei in order to keep alive and await for further orders. Casting a heavy illusion on himself, he would appear to those around him as a normal kaldorei, fleeing from Zin-Aszhari as his orders still stood. The order to stay alive and drive madness on those who he could. After the War had finished, a notable marksman had took it upon himself to defeat the demons with a primative version of the current Anti-Demon 'Black' Arrows used by the Huntmaster Greenwood. The marksman, simply known as The Ghost, would slay many of the demons attempting what Sacrathor did, to hide. Seeing that this hunter would have brought him doom with his uncanny skill with a bow, Sacrathor played his mind, showing himself as a kaldorei woman, badly hurt and bleeding terribly to get close to the hunter. Portraying that 'she' had been in a demon attack not far from where they were, The Ghost helped 'her' by bandaging 'her' wounds and letting 'her' make camp with him. Sacrathor bid his time during the long night, turning and twisting the mind of The Ghost to insanity, causing him to believe that the campfire which he stared into was a demon burning to kill him. The Ghost would reach for his bow, trying to shoot the fire, but his mind then turned to mush as he was pacified, a living corpse. Sacrathor would still not come from his disguise as he slit the throat of the hunter with his own dagger. His body would be laid to rest in Azsuna by the Demon Lord, out of respect for his skill. After this, Sacrathor found that his line would likely be the proper death of him, and with a order from the Legion, was charged with watching the House of Dawnbreaker for any hunters of his likeness, and either kill them or turn them.

Second Encounter: The Hunter becomes the Hunted Edit

Coming soon.

Third Encounter: Introductions to the Highguard Edit

I promise.

Fourth Encounter: The Hunting Edit

Shh, this is spoilers for a campaign during Legion, you didn't see anything...

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