The Rescue of Binor Dungalion


March 35 L.C.


AU Draenor


The Highguard
Shadowtalon Company (Briefly)



During an attack on the Redoubt, the forgemaster of the Highguard, Binor Dungalion, was captured by the Iron Horde. The elves and their allies spent weeks hunting for the whereabouts of Aeriyth's beloved.

From Fort Wrynn, they marched to the Path of Glory and attempted to make for Bladefury's Command, but an Iron Horde cannon destroyed the bridge across, and made them take cover in the river. After a death-defying counter-attack against the cannon, they were able to ransack through Bladefury's Command, and came upon a prisoner manifest in Orcish. With the sound of a warhorn, reinforcements began to arrive, so the Highguard had no choice but to fall back to the coast of Talador.

As the Highguard back-tracked across the bridge, an Iron Horde patrol came up the side-road, forcing the elves and their allies to conceal themselves down the edge of the hill. Derian Silverblade and his golem were forced to shut down and remain still. When it looked like the patrol would find the elves, none other than the Void Witch made a guest appearance, slaughtering the orcs. Once her toys were all done with, she shifted her attention to the golem as if she were a curious child, and the tense moments grew longer until she eventually grew bored, and trotted off.

With the patrol dealt with, the elves slipped down the hill and headed for a small Draenei homestead along the coast of Talador, which had been the victim of Iron Horde shelling, and Makrura were eating the remains of the fallen there. Their first night in the rescue expedition was wrapped up after laying the Draenei family to rest with full rites, and setting up camp to translate the prisoner manifest.

During this lengthy campaign, we encountered the spores - and cured them - in Gorgrond. We fought a great variety of enemies, constructs, and sacked many Iron Horde encampments on the way to rescuing Binor. The final attack came from a carefully-executed plan in The Pit, where a distraction was set in the form of a shaped charge on one of the Earthbreaker cannons. It was commandeered and used against the bulk of the Iron Horde force below, causing chaos before being detonated. The chaos had interrupted a prisoner transfer to Blackrock Foundry, and the Highguard stormed the Depot's boarding cabin to secure Sir Dungalion and a number of slaves. Unfortunately, they had been boxed in, and rapidly approaching reinforcements forced the Magi and Light-wielders to erect a shield while a mass teleportation spell was prepared. It was almost too late, but everyone was whisked away to the Redoubt.

Sir Dungalion was taken to sickbay along with the other rescued slaves, many of which pledged their aid to the Silver Redoubt, and can be seen working in it.

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