Raegil Rimeshard
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"Fridget", "WOMAN", Apprentice, Rae, Gilly


Outskirts of Quel'Thalas


An apartment in Dalaran


( WIP )




ALLIANCE: Friendly



Oft-exasperated, underrated apprentice and assistant to Taldarick Reynolds.

Generic portal-jockey + iceflinger. Has a knack for runes and a fondness for chickens.

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Raegil is your quintessential high elven apprentice/assistant, run ragged by the weird requests of her weirder boss, being dragged through insane magical lessons, and more recently, going toe to toe with nefarious members of the Burning Legion to rescue a chicken versed in divination. 

A few near-death experiences and shouldering returning emotional vestiges of her not-that-secret crush have driven her to the dizzy, tropical-flavored comforts of a bottomless ice-cold Kungaloosh bottle, in which she can be found residing most of the time. She's promised Taldarick she'll stop drinking so much, though! Baby steps.

Raegil is fiercely protective of her mentor and indelibly contracted boss, Taldarick Reynolds, and is more often than not found glued to his much-to-her-chagrin-ingly-no-longer-chronologically challenged hip. Despite repeated attempts to pry her away from his tutelage by her own actions and those of the well-meaning and the corrupt alike, Raegil is unwavering in her relations with the human magus for reasons unknown to anyone but the pair.

They aren’t a thing! Don’t make it weird!

She favors cryomancy, hydromancy, portal-ripping and, most importantly, shows a burgeoning specialty in divination and scrying. Give Rae an item and ask for its past, present or future, and she'll likely sniff it out for you!

She's also getting pretty good with this rune thing. Ask her for one! Who knows what it could do?

Recently promoted to a fully-fledged mage in the Kirin Tor hierarchy thanks to an impromptu elective course at a ski resort slash snowbunny academy, she generally tries to make it day-by-day being one of the lowest rungs on the high elf ladder. Sometimes that includes rescuing eldritch-abomination Gnomes, falling through infinitely tessellating portals to the Great Beyond, fighting off the Legion in strange elven capitals, or reminding Taldarick to not take too much of his leypetal ‘supplements’, all in midriff-bearing, fashionable outfits.

You know, the usual.

Raegil has completed her tenure as a Kirin Tor Peacekeeper, assigned to the Nighthold in Suramar to 'ensure compliance' between the varying elven factions during the siege on the city. In-between serving the Silver Covenant and the Kirin Tor as an Invoker at the Broken Shore, Raegil is now focusing on her runic inscriber studies, pinballing between Silver Covenant elite to complete her apprenticeship.


  • Raegil is a giant nerd.
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