Point: Zero
One of the more calm areas of Point: Zero


Broken Shore


Front against the Legion advance on Azeroth


30/8/37 L.C.


Active; Under constant assault


The Hellstriders

Point: Zero is a rough sketch of what a camp should look like. With supply crates smashed apart, a cooking fire ready to be lit with a large pot for cooking, tents half set up with bedrolls messily thrown about the place, the medical tent was semi-clean, with a large bench in the middle constantly cleaned as the blood of many Striders covered it. The Command tent is no different in the regards of messiness, with bedrolls and cloaks laying on the muddy and bloody floor around the planning table. The ground is covered in thick blood, ash and mud from the Hellstriders as they fight the Legion.

Towards the front, trenches have been dug to allow the Hellstriders some cover, while they fight the Legion advance. Point: Zero is the landing place of the Second Hellstrider Defensive, and holds a force of roughly three-thousand Hellstriders.

Positions Edit

There are many different positions which are necessary for Point: Zero to operate, these are as such:

Commander Edit

The commander is the highest authority at Point: Zero, unless the Lady/ Lord or General is there, they are in charge of ensuring the supplies and ammunition gets where it needs to be, the one to confirm on a airstrike and to keep control of the tactics.

Front-Lines Edit

The Front-Lines are exactly that, the force that is in the trenches fighting the Legion with anything and everything, rotations for sleep is every four hours for four hours, and they rarely take breaks, though toiletry breaks are allowed unless a massive Legion push is imminent.

Runners Edit

Some of the more important positions around the camp, the duties of a Runner includes;

  • Making sure everyone has ammunition.
  • Send messages throughout the trenches to the Command.
  • Run coffee (Or the Point: Zero version of) to the Hellstriders who had just woken up.
  • Make sure everyone on the Front-Lines hasn't been injured, if they have they are to report to the medical staff in the trench.
  • Run food to each of the Hellstriders fighting.

Medics Edit

The Medics keep the Front-Lines alive while they fight in the trench, having field kits on them and stitching and bandages wounds on the go to allow the front to keep fighting. They also are able to withdraw Front-Line Striders for operation if need be.

Cooks Edit

The cooks are the ones to make the food for the Striders fighting, usually consisting of cold porridge with a little bit of water (Yummy!) as it is rare that they will be able to get any other ingredients down, however some of the cooks are sneaky in their deployment week to the Point and bring with them a bag of fresh vegetables and meat to cook a decent meal for the Fighters. Of course it is always a joy when the Runners appear to those on the front lines with a bowl that is hot and delicious rather than cold and depressing.