Dread Commander Mimirarn




Burning Legion


Banished to Twisting Nether

Killed by

Sabariel Dawnbreaker
Misandra Ara'lith
Illidari Asynna
Entilzha Firesong
Calexa Azuresong
Calindra Lemoine

Place of Death



October 2016

Dread Commander Mimirarn was a Legion Dread Commander tracked by Hellstrider Leader Sabariel Dawnbreaker and slain by herself and a Highguard team as Lady Dawnbreaker had learned his timing and anticipated his arrival near Felblaze Ingress.

The Dread Commander put up a tough struggle, calling felhounds to aid him. There were no Highguard fatalities, though a number of serious injuries requiring attention came about from Mimirarn's final attacks as he neared defeat.

His heart was consumed by the only Illidari demon hunter present, Asynna. Calindra Lemoine's successful involvement led to her promotion to Ranger-Lieutenant of the Thera-dora.

Mimirarn's death spelled the end of Hellstrider operations in Azsuna, moving on to other Broken Isles fronts with the Legion largely driven from Azsuna. Lord Firesong and the Thera-dora took charge handling the remaining pockets of Legion in Azsuna, and of assuring the Legion does not regain their former strength in the locality.

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