Idiriel Dewshade
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The Pencil Pusher
Unwilling Alliance Clerk


Horde Informant (Former)


The Highguard
The Alliance




The Shattered Army

Captured by the Highguard in an operation led by Scout Lieutenant Gwen Marie Dubois, Idiriel is a Sin'dorei currently held prisoner in the fortress of Reth'manore. She is still considered a prisoner, despite having sworn an oath to the Alliance and is being supervised by Scout Captain Dawnsorrow.

History Edit

Idiriel was originally hired by a fanatical group of Forsaken that had gone rogue from the Horde. They based themselves in Stormheim and Suramar, focusing their research on the concoction of a fel-indused variant of plague. Idiriel, indifferent of the Forsaken's plans, agreed to work with them so long as she was paid accordingly.

She began spying on the Alliance cities, particularly Stormwind - scouting out patrol paths from guards and areas that had the highest concentration of civilians. She took this information back to the Forsaken successfully, but her second attempt was thwarted by the Highguard's forces. Captured and interrogated soon afterwards, it took an entire evening to persuade the Sin'dorei to openly hand over all knowledge of the Forsaken's plans.

Currently Edit

After swearing an oath to the Alliance, Idiriel Dewshade has been restrained from leaving the Reth'manore base. She is treated humanely, but is distrusted. The majority of her workload contributes to writing out paperwork and organizing documents - all while being carefully supervised by her superiors.

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