Legendary Necklace




Malithanore Vanyali

Required Addon

TRP3: Extended



+5 Magic DEF


Activate upon a Defense Phase to shift briefly into the Ethereal Plane, avoiding that damage. Can only be used once an event.


Requires Attunement.

An artifact from Suramar city, the shard was recovered from a noble's shipwreck in the Eye of Azshara; having been part of a hoard that was previously stolen.

After a skirmish between Dominion of the Sun and the Highguard, the hoard was whisked back to Dalaran, won by the Highguard. Those who participated in the battle were allowed to take one magical item.

It now lies in possession of Malithanore Vanyali, oftentimes tucked under his shirt.

The shard is quite resilient toward magic, however it does not actively dispel magic. Magical projectiles tend to avoid it rather than strike it -- it is hard to determine whether the projectile is redirected or the necklace itself simply shifts out of the way.

When activated, the wearer disappears from sight for several seconds; unable to be seen even by demon hunter eyes, and cannot be dispelled. If an object were to land on the spot of disappearance, the wearer reappears in an unoccupied space nearby. The damage that was directed at them misses entirely.

The colors within the gemstone shift from opaque lavenders and violets, to glasslike clear.