The Highguard's Wikia
  • If you take half damage from an odd number, take the smallest number of the two. (e.g. 19 damage halved, 9+10 = 19, select 9.)
  • Stealth checks: /roll 20, plate wearers have disadvantage and negative 5, cloth/DH nothing special, rogues get +5
  • Pounce/grapple is a hand-to-hand check vs the target. Every turn (including defense), grappled target must roll another hand-to-hand check against opponent to see if grapple is broken. While grappling, both parties are unable to act further or roll defense, although base defense modifiers are taken into account.
  • Critical Failure (rolling a 1) has penalties as follows:
    • Attack roll: Your opponent parries your attack and counters, dealing 1d12 damage. (you /roll 12 and take that number as damage)
    • Action attempt: Depending on what non-attack action is attempted (polymorph, freezing in ice, using something, etc), up to DM discretion the blowback.
    • Defense roll: You are hit critically, taking double the damage.
    • Stealth roll: You tumble over something, alerting nearby enemies to your presence. Note: Alerted enemies may not necessarily notice those who didn't fail the stealth check, DMs must take into account player positioning.
  • Feral druid claw attacks are considered hand-to-hand.
  • Illidari may consume the soul of 1 fallen demon mob for 10 HP. Multiple Illidari cannot heal off of the same soul.
  • If players are struck by an enemy Nat 20, they do not get to roll defense. Instead, only that particular defense skill's points is counted in damage negation.
  • Consumable items that do damage do not have their damage increased by Heroic Abilities. For example, a Scroll that does 20 DMG will still only do 20 DMG even during a Hero Ability that makes you do double damage, because it was only enchanted to do 20 DMG. However, if a Hero Ability causes a target to take double damage from all sources, the Scroll would do double damage.

Item Creation Guidelines Table[]

You do not have to have every option on an item. For example, an item can have only a bonus to equipping it, or only give bonus to a skill. Maybe you sacrifice + skill on an Epic to have a really awesome on-use instead. Balance is key! Additionally, you may add a penalty to equipping it, such as a +5 Shadow also resulting in -3 Light-based healing received. Spice it up for the story or theme of the item.

  • Uncommon Quality: A single bonus no more than +3 to a skill. Does not require Attunement. No bonus effect.
  • Rare Quality: Up to two bonuses, no more than +5 to a skill. Does not require Attunement. Minor bonus effect for wearing.
  • Epic Quality: Up to two bonuses, no more than +8 to a skill. Does require Attunement. Minor bonus/on-use effect for wearing. On-use effect CD a minimum of 24 hours.
  • Legendary Quality: Talk to an officer to craft a really neat Legendary for a story.