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Calindre is a Shal'dorei Thera-dora spellbow, ranger and scout, trained mostly by Vor'taria Ara'lith from Shal'elah, though with increasing fieldwork and support for the Irongrove retreat. Her spellbow, Aman'talah, was gifted by Entilzha Firesong, and is a functional replica of an ancient Thalassian design recovered via his work with the Curators of Thalassian Culture.

Before the shield fell, which was the only sky she'd ever seen, Calindra was a mother to three children to whom she was and is heavily devoted, and from actually being able to spend time in a natural forest, her affinity to nature has proven impressively strong, with Calindra acting as if something long nascent had been awoken in her.

She's considered the most talented of the formerly civilian Thera-dora, and is hoped to grow capable to serve as a Ranger-Captain upon her training and confidence advancing sufficiently enough.

Training and Early Experience Edit

Calindra was among the first five Thera-dora, freed from the cages of the Felborne and spared the soul engine. She displayed more promise than most with a bow and the true wilderness sparked something within her. Vor'taria Ara'lith focused much effort on her training as a scout and Ranger, while Entilzha and Morgane Devaux focused on teaching Calindra how to apply her magical birthright. Strong in the arcane as many Shal'dorei, she learned how to manipulate the runes of the Thalassian spellbow, unleasihng arcane and fire-infused arrows

Calindra was the first Thera-dora to face true combat, joining a Highguard/Hellguard force against the Legion Dread Commander Mimirarn threatening Azsuna and performing admirably, demonstrating not only skill and resolve, but awareness, a sense of timing and coordination, she was promoted to Ranger-Lieutenant and given command of the 1st Shal'elah Ranger unit, with three trainees assigned to her command.

Calindra has since taken a leading road in Thera-dora efforts to mop up Legion forces in Azsuna as the Hellstriders move on to other fronts.

Ranger-Lieutenant of the Thera-dora Edit

Calindra works diligently to bring all unit to combat readiness, leading the most capable in operations against Legion targets across Azsuna.

The spellbow is eager to repay Elisande and her Legion allies for the deep betrayal she'd been through, and her impressive development serves as an example to civilian refugees from Suramar that fighting for their city is not beyond them.

Calindra works with an owl, a swooper of the purple coloration common in Suramar, whom serves as an additional set of eyes, and is trained to provide a distraction or carry off small objects on command. Calindra cannot yet view through the creature's eyes, as a huntress or Farstrider might, but as she explores her long latent affinity for nature much may yet prove possible for the talented Spellbow.

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