The Remaining






Kirin Tor (loosely)


Formerly Coldarra

The Blue Dragonflight has effectively disbanded during the events that lead up to the conflict in Pandaria. Most, if not all, left their Coldarra home, driven by desire to find new place in the new world where the Hour of Twilight has passed. Their former leader, the Dragon Aspect Kalecgos, has joined the Kirin Tor, leaving them without official leadership.

It has been noted recently that blue dragons who come across other blues in their "new life" away from Coldarra, tend to form a group or nest, which is watched over by a Dragon Prime. The Prime is the oldest, or most powerful among the nest, and ensures the safety of all within it.

Usually the Prime would have many consorts to maximise the clutch laid, but with each Aspect sacrificing their powers to infuse the Demon Soul to finally destroy Deathwing, The Life-Binder was rendered infertile. There was an unexpected ripple effect, for the dragons had served their purpose, which was stopping the Hour of Twilight, and shared the Life-Binder's pain. The species would face extinction, rendered obsolete by the Titans once their purpose had been achieved.

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