Assortment of Arcwine at the Twilight Vineyards


Twilight Vineyards, Suramar City


Grand Magistrix Elisande
Suramar Aristocracy

Head Vinter

Margaux (former)

Arcwine is a biological necessity for all Shal'dorei, and in addition to fulfilling their arcane needs, also has come to take the place of many foods as a source of basic nourishment during the long years with scant resources in the domed city.

Infused with highly potent Nightwell essence, unlike other forms of arcane addiction and for reasons still unclear, Shal'dorei's bodies will degrade to the Nightfallen state if deprived of arcwine, and without arcwine or an arcane substitution, their bodies will further degrade to Withered, quite similar in nature to the Wretched known quite well to Thalassian elves.

Grand Magistrix Elisande has used a manufactured shortage of arcwine to maintain control amidst the Legion occupation, and as a result the Crescent Resistance and their allies in the Highguard focus heavily on arcwine smuggling routes, both within Suramar City and to Shal'aran and other locations elsewhere hosting Shal'dorei exiles or refugees.

Trivia Edit

  • Arcwine specifically seems to be required to prevent a Shal'dorei's body growing to the gaunt state known as a Nightfallen; however any steady source of arcane will prevent withering
  • Among the first signs of arcwine withdrawal are a clouded mind and difficulty thinking clearly, then growing to a deep, unending hunger
  • Most Quel'dorei experience a pleasant, both energized and relaxed feeling from arcwine, and small amounts can do much to bolster their arcane levels. However, its regular consumption is not advised due to a lack of fully understanding the nature of the Nightwell and differences from arcane addiction as Quel'dorei experience it.
  • Shal'dorei parents do not give arcwine to very young children; its unclear what if anything is used to deliver them arcane or if the dependence manifests as the elf matures.
  • Arcwine is produced in a wide variety of flavors and blends, and in standard, twice-distilled, and highly potent triple-distilled vintages.
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